by Jennifer K. Hill

About Me

The Book

It was about two weeks into being quarantined that I realized how lucky I was. Despite being by myself for over fourteen days straight, I was happy. Why was I happy, you might be asking? Because I had spiritual tools in my belt that I could use every day to find balance and inner peace no matter what was happening around me. That was when I realized that I needed to share these tools with the world so that anyone out there who might be struggling during these uncertain times could find balance and peace in their own life. 

My Community

This book is not about me. It is about all of the incredible teachers who have shaped who I am and their stories they have shared. Every person in my life up until this point has Do their comments provide you with the encouragement that you need? Do you answer questions and provide advice?

Join My Journey

If you would like to find out what some of the other tools are, please follow me on Instagram @JenHillSpeaker or my 101 Spiritual Tools for Uncertain Times Facebook page where I will be sharing videos explaining many of the tools.